Putting people in boxes

There is a growing awareness of mental health. This has led to people being far more open about their mental health and recognition of how things such as stress, worry & anxiety can impact on our well-being. However, it sometimes seems that this has led to us trying to put things in nice, neat boxes… Continue reading Putting people in boxes

What makes a good therapist?

"Who should I go and see about my sore back/shoulder/knee?" "Should I see a physiotherapist, an osteopath or a chiropractor?" "How do I know if they are any good?" These can be tricky questions to answer as there is a huge variety of therapist out there and it’s a lightly regulated industry. There’s also rarely… Continue reading What makes a good therapist?

Muscle Knots

The concept of muscles knots is fairly universal and I often hear people talk about how ‘knotty’ a muscle feels. But what is a muscle knot? Well as with many things relating to the human body we don’t really know! The more technical term that’s often used to describe a muscle knot is a ‘trigger… Continue reading Muscle Knots


The importance of posture was one of the most requested topics and is an area overflowing with myths and misconceptions. I suspect this article might challenge some long held beliefs; I’ve certainly changed most of my beliefs about posture over the last five years! From a young age the importance of posture is repeatedly highlighted:… Continue reading Posture